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eCommerce Sites

Accepting all major credit/debit cards

Template Sites

There are literally thousands of different templates available for producing good looking sites. Digital Synergistics Enterprises recommends using boot-strap with jQuery. This allows your one site to be viewable on desktops, tablets and mobile phone browsers.

Dynamic database-driven Sites

Customized database-driven web sites are our specialty! From hundreds of lines to hundreds of thousands of lines of code, Digital Synergistics Enterprises can deliver!

Shopping carts

  • Off-the-shelf solutions
    • osCommerce
    • OpenCart
    • X-Cart
    • others
  • Customized versions of OTS shopping carts
  • Designed from scratch to your specifications
Digital Synergistics Enterprises can deliver!

Choosing the right site

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Technologies we use

We don't always use the latest technologies because frankly, they are not always needed. That means we use the best, most powerful, most proven technology to complete every aspect of your project with the results you want. We use Perl, PHP, JavaScript, C, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and others. Of course if you want the absoulte latest pre-standard technology in your website that's not a problem either.